Kindle eReader Canada

Kindle is the most popular eReader, or a device that supports e-books. The Kindle family now has five generations first introduced in the US. As of this writing, the Kindle Fire and the fifth generation that includes the Kindle Paperwhite is not yet available for Canada shipping. However, Canadians can choose the other models that boast easy to use interface for those who love to read books wherever they are.

Kindle is the first to introduce e-book readers as its creator,, offers an array of e-book collections. It offered readers the most convenient way to read because users need not carry an actual book. They do not have to visit a bookstore to catch the latest book since they just have to download or buy it from the Amazon store. Tablets are the latest technology being developed now after launching laptops and notebooks, and these tablets may also be used for e-book reading and thus compete with Amazon’s Kindle. But Kindle has its own distinct way of being a special device for book lovers to appreciate.

Amazon designed Kindle for book readers to have the best reading experience. With the use of E-ink technology, as opposed to LCD, readers can read both inside a room or out in the sun since it has high contrast and does not glare. Because of this technology, book reading for extended time will not produce any discomfort especially with the eyes. The fourth generation Kindle introduces the touch screen technology, which makes it more handy and easy to use because of the added features and capability. Luckily, the fourth generation Kindle Touch is available for sale in Canada just this year, and Canadians can order it now straight from the giant online retail store. Kindle eReader Canada is priced almost the same as US orders, with the addition of shipping fees.

For Kindle followers hoping to have the Kindle models that are not available for Canada shipping yet, they still have other options in which to buy it. If they know someone from the US, they can ask to buy it in their behalf and have it shipped to them afterwards. But if not, you can ask for the service of Vpost or Comgateway who can buy it in their behalf using a US address and then ship it to them. This way, they can have the latest Kindle eReader that are not yet available in their country.

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