Kindle Reader Canada

Most Canadians are avid followers of Kindle, Amazon’s famous e-book reader. But sad to say, not all released Kindles models are available for shipment to Canada. The Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite are currently not available for Canada users. But Canadians need not be frustrated, for there are still several Kindle models to choose from.

The 6-inch Kindle with Wi-Fi is available for only $89. It is almost as thin as a regular pencil and is lighter than a paperback, perfect for readers who are always on the go. Users can download books in as fast as 60 seconds and hold up to a thousand books. It also supports books exclusive to Kindle and also kids’ books. The battery can last for up to one month. With its built in Wi-Fi, users just have to connect to the Internet for easy access to books.

The Kindle Keyboard 3G is another Kindle Reader Canada which is perfect for those who love to take notes while reading since it has a physical keyboard. With its wireless 3G capability, users need not find a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to access books since it uses the same system used by mobile phones. The best thing about it is that the 3G capability is free, as Amazon pays for it. Canadians also have the option to buy the Kindle touch family that features touch screen technology. It comes in 3G version as well. Unlike the previous Kindles that use keys, these models provide readers with easier use because with a light tap, the page can already be turned. It maintains the typical E-ink screen that Kindle is known for. This display technology makes e-reading so advanced that readers seem to read real books.

Buying Kindle from Amazon is so easy, since instructions are provided and links to where you should go can be seen easily. Prices of Kindle in Canada differ from that of the US since appropriate shipping fees should apply. Customers also have the option to expedite the delivery, just like ordering from the US.

Something as useful as Kindle should be availed by everyone. With Amazon’s Kindle, customers can have his own handy digital library that lets him share books and notes to others as well. Luckily, there are Kindle models that can be delivered to Canada. But Canadians can still find ways to have the other ones if they know someone from the US who can buy on their behalf.

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