Kindle Supported Formats

Kindle is the most widely used e-Book reader by now after its launch back in 2007. It may most probably be because Kindle supports most existing e-Book formats. Files can be supported natively or through conversion, while other files need special software for it to be compatible with Kindle.

The primary format used for e-Books from the Amazon Store is the AZW format, and is owned by Amazon. It is identical to the MOBI format. The Kindle Fire uses the KF8 format. The first Kindle models use plain TXT files, Topaz or TPZ files, AZW and Mobipocket or MOBI or PRC files. The second generation Kindle then used PDF (Portable Document Format) and audible (AAX) formats in addition to the first ones. It can also read HTML files that were eliminated in the third generation Kindle. The fourth generation Kindle uses the formats supported by the original Kindle, with the addition of JPEG, DOCX, GIF, HTML and PNG that are available through conversion. It also supports audio (AA and AAX) and MP3 files.

Amazon offers paid conversion of some files including HTML, MS Word, BMP, PNG and GIF to AZW via email. Unsupported format of Kindle is EPUB, which is used by the Nook. But a free software Calibre can be used to convert EPUB to AZW format. Calibre can also be used to convert other unsupported formats such as LIT of MS Reader and LRF of Sony. The Kindle Fire supports audio formats AAC, WAV, MIDI, OGG and MP3, while the video formats supported are VP8 and MP4.

Amazon is the one responsible for creating the Kindle, which can be considered as the first tablets that are mainly used for reading. Kindles is available in five generations now, with each having improvement from its predecessor. Amazon knows just what readers need by making sure that Kindle can support most formats. Readers that have been using e-Books even before Kindle was released can use their e-Books to good use, since Kindle supports the most formats. It also provides users the most convenience by initiating a conversion process. As e-Book reader, it is best to know which formats are supported by the Kindle you are using. If you are an author, you don’t have to worry about compatible formatting since Kindle supports Microsoft Word, plain text or Adobe formats to be converted to AZW format so that you can have your book sold for Kindle.

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